The vote of no confidence.

The vote of no confidence results against President Jacob Zuma has left many South Africans with unanswered questions. It was their last hope of removing Mr President from office.

Nightcrawler thriller movie.

  • Director : Dan Gilroy

Daniel Christopher “Dan” Gilroy is an american screenwriter and film director, an academy award nominee, he has co-written films such as Reel Steel and The Bourne Legacy.


  • 7,9/10

Cast Details.

  • Jake Gyllenhall as Louis Bloom.
  • Michael Papajohn as a security guard.
  • Marco rodriguez as the scrapyard owner.
  • Bill Paxton as Joe Loder.
  • Leah Fredkin as the female anchor.
  • Lisa Remillard as the reporter.
  • Christoper Wolfe as Joel Beatty the reporter.

Produced by

  • Michel litvak
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • David Luncaster
  • Jennifer fox

Movie review.

Nightcrawler is a wonderfully creepy and ambiguous thriller movie, directed by Dan Gilroy. Louis Bloom is the star character who walks around nighttime LA like a grim reaper looking for extreme footage of human suffering to serve up to the breakfast audience on TV. The movie is more about ethical journalism and how competitive it is in the industry. It teaches the media user not to be afraid to take risks and to believe in oneself.

On the other hand it is an extremely accurate potrayal of the things ruthless, smart individuals who struggle with money can and will do to succeed. It also raises questions like do journalists comply with the code of ethics/benefit of the public? or sometimes they broadcast news for their own benefits?The ending is too streched out and it shows that sometimes the villain does win. Louis Bloom walks free after everything he did.

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